10 Minute Dinner Hacks with Gobble Meal Prep Subscription Box

All Day Mom welcomes our sponsor Gobble to promote healthy dinner hacks for busy families! Make meals in 10 minutes with fresh ingredients delivered to your door! Take $50 off your first Gobble Box order here!

Busy families need all the help they can get! We protect our family dinner time because we know this time together every day is incredibly important to our kids’ health and wellness. We also know processed food is tempting because it’s a time saver (and let’s face it, sugar, fats, and preservatives are delicious), and it often takes longer to prepare a meal from scratch than it takes to eat it!

What if someone else did all the prep for you, and you could cook a healthy dinner with fresh ingredients without:

  • Making a menu plan
  • Writing a grocery list
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cleaning, portioning, and chopping each ingredient

Gobble meal prep subscription service delivers all the components of a healthy meal to your door! All you have to do is unpack the box, heat up one pan, cook the ingredients (designed to cook in 10 minutes!), and serve it up!

Family Dinner Hacks #dinnersolved

My kids were excited to cook the meals we received from Gobble! Jameson took over the unboxing—watch the video below to see how much fun she had checking out what came in our Gobble Box! She decided she was going to cook everything up herself, and she did! And was the meal really ready in 10 minutes? It did cook up in 10 minutes, but allow an extra 5 minutes to heat the pan, 5 minutes to open up all the components, and 5 minutes to plate the meal. I’ll take 25 minutes flat to put a healthy dinner on the table any day of the week!

Dinner Hacks for Busy Families

I can easily spend four hours a day in the kitchen since I make almost everything from scratch. I’ve learned that three simple dinner hacks can get me out of the kitchen so much faster:

  1. Shop for groceries once a week. Even if grocery shopping takes the better part of a day to visit three stores, I’m done shopping in one go. If I forget an ingredient, oh well; we make do.
  2. Meal Prep: Once I get all the groceries home, I wash and dry the fruit & veggies, portion the meats, grate the cheese. Throughout the week, I just grab the ready-to-go ingredients from the fridge and freezer and cook them up! Bonus: I only have to make a huge mess in the kitchen once a week!
  3. Enlist the kids! Many hands make light work. My kids have been chopping up food (with real, sharp knives) since they were five years old; it’s so much faster to have my sous-chefs help prepare our family meals!
10 minute dinner hacks for busy families! #dinnersolved Meal prepping with Gobble Box - Cook with your kids, ready in 10 minutes! $50 off your first order!
Jameson made a cute monster with the Gobble Box meal she cooked all by herself in 10 minutes!


Jameson made a cute monster with the Gobble Box meal she cooked all by herself in 10 minutes! Kids love to cook, and they’re more likely to eat the food they make themselves. She was proud to cook up dinner for the family, and my little chef thought of tons of different ways to use the ingredients she discovered in our Gobble Box! More videos of her great ideas coming soon!


10 minute dinner hacks for busy families! #dinnersolved Meal prepping with Gobble Box - Cook with your kids, ready in 10 minutes! $50 off your first order!
Jefferson plated his Gobble Box meal beautifully!


Jefferson couldn’t resist getting in on the fun—he plated his meal traditionally—it looks delicious! Neither of my kids had ever had couscous, but they ate it up with interest, and they liked it! The meal you see here is the Brown Sugar Salmon. Our Gobble Box came with everything we needed to make dinner, even a little pack of olive oil to cook the salmon in, salad fixings like cherry tomatoes and a tiny cucumber, and a loaf of fresh bread!

The hit of the Gobble Box was the cookie dough surprise! (Check out the video for her reaction!) She made the cookies right away, of course!

You can take $50 off your first Gobble Box order here! That means you can get a box with six meals (each meal equals one serving, but the servings are very generous) for just $21, no extra shipping or handling charges!

Since we live in Phoenix, I was worried our Gobble Box would not withstand the September heat. The day our Gobble Box was delivered, it was 97 degrees, and it sat outside for over five hours because we weren’t home when it was delivered. One of our meals was the Brown Sugar Salmon; you know how important it is to keep fish at a safe temperature! We were happy to find that everything inside the box was ice-cold! The ice packs had not even begun to melt after sitting in the Arizona heat for five hours, and the box was well-packed (the eggs were individually bubble wrapped and nestled in their own box!). The insulation material and ice packs help keep every ingredient safe and cold.

Each meal lasts for up to five days in the fridge; you don’t have to cook all the food up that day! Think of how much time you could save each week with the help of  just one Gobble Box! A box of 6 meals (2 large servings of 3 different meals) could take care of three dinners for a family of four if you add a large salad (that’s the way we would do it, and my kids eat a lot!). Or, you could order the large box with 12 meals (4 large servings of 3 different meals) and have all the work of three full dinners (and probably leftovers for lunch!) done for you!

Whether or not you think the Gobble Box subscription would work for your family, at just $21 total for your first box of 6 meals (6 large dinner servings with all the fixings!), you have to at least try it out! Cancel at any time, no hidden charges.

It just takes a couple minutes to look through the weekly menu selections, click boxes for what you like, what you don’t, and make a note if there are any allergy restrictions. A few days later, your Gobble Box arrives, fresh and cold! Just unpack it, put everything in the fridge, and you’re only 10 minutes away from dinner; it’s ready to cook when you’re ready to eat!

Use my referral to get $50 off your first Gobble Box order and pay less than $3.50 per meal! What are your favorite dinner hacks?

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