How to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Kids – Last Minute Mom

I’m a bad homeschool mom. I don’t know it’s National Chocolate Cake Day or Lewis Carroll’s birthday until I notice a spate of chocolate cake or Alice in Wonderland photos in my Instagram feed. I’m totally willing to skip minor holidays I do know are coming soon, like Presidents Day, because we learn about US presidents every day. As for the banks-are-open micro holidays, my kids have never heard of Punxsutawney Phil and we usually make our annual pot of Mardi Gras gumbo on Vendredi because I’m the type of person who deeply appreciates that every Target ad after Valentine’s Day warns me that Easter Sunday is March 27th.

However, I’m blessed with an incredibly crafty, creative daughter who makes every day a party and loves to celebrate all holidays big and small. The day I packed up Christmas, she cut out three dozen hearts and made valentines for everyone in the house and decorated the mantel with them. You see my problem. [Continue reading]

3 Reasons You Should Never Set a Reading Timer for Your Kids

3 reasons you should never set a reading timer for your kids! All Day Mom

Originally posted 8/31/15; I brought it forward to promote #DisneyReadsDay 2016! Share your #shelfie (a photo of you and your book or bookshelf) and tag #magicofstorytelling on Twitter or Instagram and First Book will route one of the 50 … [Continue reading]

Better Than Guacamole Recipe: The Amazing Avocado Sauce Recipe

Get The Amazing Avocado Sauce recipe at! Paleo and Whole30 compliant!

[Skip the obligatory personal story and scroll down to get the printable recipe for Amazing Avocado Sauce right now!] With five kids in the family, we basically lived at the Little League ballpark every spring once my brothers hit t-ball age. My … [Continue reading]

30 Minute Meal Prep 1: Grilled Chicken Salad

30 minute meal prep 1—chop once, eat 5 times! Get out of the kitchen and get on with your life!

How do you meal prep? I love looking at gorgeous meal prep setups on Instagram, with perfectly portioned, identical dishes all lined up! Since I have a family of four, my meal prep looks a little different: I prep like a restaurant, getting … [Continue reading]

What’s Your Best Family Travel Advice?

57 travel writers give their best family travel advice at has rounded up the best family travel advice from 57 (yes, fifty-seven!) travel writers! I'm thrilled to be included among such great company! … [Continue reading]