Save Money On Groceries: How To Use Up Every Bit Of a Pineapple

Save money on groceries the easy way by minimizing waste. That’s a fancy way to say don’t trash perfectly good food.

Jameson says I’m like an Indian because I use up every bit of the buffalo. Or pineapple. She’s extremely proud to be 1/16 Cherokee so don’t rain on her parade by pointing out that she should really say I’m like a Native American.

What do you do when you cut up a pineapple? I used to cut off the skin (rind? what is it that covers a pineapple?) and toss it, then cut the pineapple meat away from the core and toss the woody core.

Here’s what I do now to squeeze every penny from my pineapple purchase:

1. Choose your pineapple.

I read this trick somewhere and so far it’s held true: Try to pluck one of the pineapple leaves straight up from the pineapple. If it pops off easily, the pineapple is ripe. Jameson loves to test the pineapples at the grocery store. All of them. I usually still let the pineapple ripen for a couple of days so that it will be extra sweet.

2. Soak the pineapple in a 1:5 vinegar to water solution right when you get it home.

I do this to almost all of my fruit and veggies to help kill germs and mold spores. I know it works because my pineapples used to grow nasty mold on the bottom from sitting on the counter to ripen for a couple days; now I never see mold on a pineapple when I’m ready to cut it.

3. Cut off the top and bottom, then cut the rind away from the sides. Don’t throw away the top, bottom, or rind yet!

Go deep enough that you don’t have to keep cutting away to get rid of the brown eyes. Are they called eyes on pineapples like on potatoes? Google says yes.

4. Cut the pineapple meat away from the core.

I like to cut the meat off in four pieces, leaving a rectangular core. An average size pineapple will give you about 1.5 pounds of pineapple.

How to save money on groceries: Don't waste! How to cut up a pineapple to minimize waste.

Pineapple meat: about 1.5 pounds.


OK, this is where the Indian part comes in:

5. Over a bowl or measuring cup (anything wide enough to not drip all over the counter), squeeze the top, bottom, and rind to make freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

You’ll get about half a cup of juice, depending on who is squeezing, how ripe your pineapple is, and how deeply you cut into the pineapple. This is great fun for Jameson. I wouldn’t bother letting anyone under 6 wring out the rinds as they’d probably make more mess than juice but not everyone has my low threshold for sticky. Serve it up right away; once I left it in the fridge for 2 days and it was already moldy.

Save money on groceries by minimizing waste in the kitchen. How to cut up a pineapple.

2 mini cups of freshly squeezed pineapple juice!


6. Cut the core into strips, then into chunks.

Save money on groceries by minimizing waste. How to cut up a pineapple.

Save the pineapple core to use in smoothies!

You can eat these; sometimes I do. But I’ve decided that the best way to use a pineapple core is in a smoothie. I flash freeze it then bag it so that the chunks stay separated in the freezer.

And that’s how you save money in the kitchen: you don’t throw away anything before considering potential uses for your scraps and leftovers. With each pineapple purchase you now get two bonus products: a serving of freshly squeezed pineapple juice and a cup of smoothie fixins.

What do you use up that other people throw away?

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3 thoughts on “Save Money On Groceries: How To Use Up Every Bit Of a Pineapple

  1. Great ideas!! I usually pass by pineapple because I only know of a couple of ways to use it. going on my next grocery list for sure!!

  2. Nice tip!

    We have a rabbit who gets all our rabbit-safe vegetable peel. Using food up should be encouraged from a young age. I hate wasting food. I have a friend who will not eat crusts on bread. I always eat my crusts and even eat the heel (two end slices) as toast.

  3. Well, I obviously use all of a turkey or chicken by saving the carcass and using it to make soup or broth… but a common meal of ours would be drumsticks or chicken legs so I now freeze those bones as well. After a couple of dinners I have enough to make broth/soup (or gravy for the next chicken dinner.)

    With broccoli, after All the florets are gone, I chop up the big stems and use this to make an awesome pureed soup.

    Great post – I love ways to use all of everything!

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